5 Tips to increase property value

Buying a home is everyone’s dream either for investments or for starting a family. Signing the papers of your first home purchase can be overwhelming, but the reality is that most homeowner tend to move multiple times due to career or family matters. The focal point of getting the right property is the home’s resale value or rental potential.

  1. Upgrade the front door/exterior

Selling or renting out your first home is more stressful than purchasing one. However, here are some simple guides on increasing your home’s resale value and ratability. Home seekers tend to judge based on the first impression of the property exterior.

Some strategic rental unit can be seen in sea side resideces for sale. Home seekers will observe the building exterior and the condition of the front door. This plays a major role in the home resale value.

According the several real estate agencies, by remodel, replacing an outdated gate/grill, installing smart locks can have one of the biggest returns of any home improvement which you can do. One should also upgrade the appearance of the house exterior with a door which uses modern materials and matching color scheme.

5 Tips to increase property value

2. Refinish The Floors

Floors are another determine factor for any potential home purchaser. Gone are the days for mosaic tiles and wall to wall carpeting signaling luxury. The millennial are into minimalism and nature-inspired material such as wood and raw industrial cement flooring.

Wood is always a classic choice, with different varieties such as oak, teak and walnut, which are always a safe bets among house hunters. Always be sure to look out for any floor defects and termites before advertising for reselling.

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5 Tips to increase property value

  1. Make Your Home More Energy and Cost Efficient

According to several real estate agencies, millennial comprise 35 percent of all first-time homebuyers. This tech-savvy generation is looking for properties with smart home technology upgrades that will offer enhanced security, energy efficiency, and savings. Smart air conditioning units, lighting, and door locks, Vivint pricing. can be a big draw for millennial, who value the ease of controlling their home by a smartphone app, even when they’re away from home.

Energy saving appliances can save up to 35 percent annually in home electricity consumption, proving that these modern technology aren’t just a passing trend.

  1. Update The Kitchen

The average cost of a kitchen remodel is approximately $10,000. The amount may seem to be on the high side, but when you considered a remodeled kitchen are the current selling point, and this incurred cost may significantly increase your resale value. A tip is not going all in for a total renovation.

A facelift is just what is needed to persuade home buyers. Some remodeling such as new stainless steel appliances, wall cabinets, matching flooring and a modern countertop could do wonders on the overall appearance of your kitchen.

  1. Refresh The Bathroom

While a kitchen remodel can get pricey pretty quickly, a bathroom upgrade will cost within the $1000 range and may be the decision making point for new home buyers. Cleaning grout, re-caulking the tub, and replacing an outdated vanity for a granite version can make an outdated bathroom look clean and modern in time for open house day.

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  1. The smart home trend is booming nowadays because of how easily it is for the homeowner to have control over some areas in the house. That’s why it is not shocking for buyers to prefer a smart home over the usual one. Anyways, great tips you have there 🙂

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